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Operation Dynamo – Brazilian general aviation in the war against COVID-19


By João Paulo Moralez


The Brazilian Association of Air, Regional and Maintenance Taxi Companies (ABTAER), conceived Operation Dynamo Brazil, to guarantee technical support to air taxi companies that at this time of crisis were authorized by the National Civil Aviation Agency to carry out the transportation cargo, medical personnel and patients in the context of fighting COVID-19.

In all, 42 air taxi companies have added their fleets to help municipal, state and federal governments transport supplies and materials for disease prevention and treatment.

There are 138 planes and 21 small helicopters, which due to their characteristics, can arrive in isolated regions with little airport infrastructure.

The companies will also participate in the contingency plans for the general supply of towns in view of state restrictions on movement. There is also the feasibility of quickly transporting patients from remote places to large centers.



The operation is subdivided regionally and, initially, into 15 support bases, and other bases may also be activated, as needed. An ABTAER control center installed in Brasília will receive the demands of the Ministry of Health and will activate the aircraft closest to carrying the cargo.

ABTAER is providing technical advice to companies and pilots on factors such as the transport of dangerous cargo, conditions of unfamiliar landing strips, general safety procedures, pilot fatigue on unusual journeys and other factors that may not be part of the day of the air taxi companies.

The association is also issuing safety alerts on the proper procedures for disinfecting aircraft; flight safety in the vicinity of airports which, as activities are suspended, favor the increase in the circulation of birds; among other actions.

The name of the operation was inspired by the action taken by the Allied forces in 1940, during World War II, when small boats rescued thousands of soldiers in Dunkirk, France. Today, smaller civilian aircraft can also defend Brazil against the threat of the coronavirus.