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Amaszonas Uruguay increases its frequency with the arrival of the new Embraer 190

By Florencia Lucero Heguy


Amaszonas Uruguay presented the first Embraer 190, which will allow doubling the number of seats (112 seats), being the first of a fleet of three aircraft that will arrive in Uruguay with the aim of giving more frequency and supply to the Uruguayan market. This fleet change has been taking place for a year.

The company is a group of Bolivian capitals that began its operations in search of linking northern Bolivia, the same model that could be replicated in South America because there are also difficulties in connecting the region efficiently. In April 2015, it reached an agreement with the Uruguayan company BQB, thus obtaining the transfer of its permits to operate the routes of that airline.

In this way, from the Amaszonas Group they emphasize that they trust that the Uruguayan market will respond and they want the Carrasco Airport to be a Hub, strengthening their route to Asunción and continuing with Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia.

Uruguay is a fairly stable country and a destination that has great potential, these two factors made the company to invest in the country. With this new project, the company aims to improve the connectivity of the airlift by flying twice a week, with the new aircraft increasing the frequency and also having other destinations such as Brazil and Argentina.

It should be noted that the Amaszonas Group aims to have fourteen aircraft in less than two years, three based in Uruguay, three in Paraguay and eight in Bolivia. The company’s technicians and operations center are evaluating the possibility of reaching Brazil in the middle of the year with the arrival of the second planned aircraft.