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Aeoromar, the airline that did not stop flying

The Mexican airline that saw the business in the face of the needs of the scourge that the world is living. Not only did they not stop flying, but they launched a campaign for doctors and plans to open new routes.


By Florencia Lucero Heguy


The Mexican airline Aeromar was the only one in the country that did not stop flying in the days of Covid-19. Before the pandemic, it operated an average of 70 flights a day, with a fleet of three ATR-42 and seven ATR72-600 turboprop aircraft, with capacity for 48 and 68 passengers respectively.

In order to maintain its operations, Aeromar had to take very strict measures.

In addition to being in compliance with international public health protocols before, during and after each flight to avoid any risk of contagion, they reinforced internal controls to ensure the effectiveness of containment measures and protect the health of all people on board. The company set the capacity of its planes to 50 percent, so that passengers feel safe, leaving a meter of distance between them, in addition to other measures, such as changes of date at no cost on scheduled flights. Likewise, the fleet is subjected to daily cleaning routines and in the on-board service the crew has security and protection protocols for their delivery, with food that is sealed and easy to handle.

The airline is taking various measures to alleviate the crisis, such as protection of people, through the provision of protective and cleaning equipment, sanitation of the units with chlorine and remote work for 70% of its employees. One of the advantages of the airline is that its ATR fleet is 48 and 72 passengers, which allows them 20 or 30 passengers to represent 50% of occupancy.

It should be noted that of the 26 destinations they maintain operations in 18, which certifies that they still have great coverage, despite the drop in demand. On the other hand, they are analyzing a long-term advance purchase program, called the Aeromar Passport, with which the traveler can fly as many times as they want in the remainder of the year for a single amount. It should be noted that, in addition, they are doing cargo business, with an operation between Cuba and Miami with a stopover in Mexico, which begins with a plane and can reach four in the short term, for transportation between the three countries. They also enabled the maintenance workshop to provide services to foreign clients.



Robe Heroes

Aeromar is transporting doctors free of charge during the Covid-19 pandemic, so that more aid can reach to places that need it. “Héroes con bata” (Robe Heroes) is a campaign launched by the company with the aim of moving doctors to any state in Mexico who need to fly. In order to obtain their free ticket, doctors must send a letter issued by the hospital where they work and a copy of their professional license. Likewise, they offered their cargo service on all their routes, approaching laboratories and the Ministry of Health, to make the necessary transport.


Aeromar will open nine routes, eight in the interior of the country and one to Laredo, Texas, once the health contingency for the Covid-19 is overcome, as well as the start of the cargo transport service. The international route was already announced before the pandemic, but it had to be postponed, and the national routes are under analysis.